Contemporary and Stylish Ideas to Design Office Space

Working 9-5 is genuinely an exhausting routine for most employees. It drains and kills their productivity which in turn can reduce the employees’ level of productivity. On a lighter note, researchers have discovered a smart way to solve: a better interior design.

According to research published in the Journal of Asian Business Strategy, eye-pleasing interior design is essential to increase employees’ creativity and productivity. As such, employers should provide a comfortable & vibrant workspace not only because it would reduce the employees’ stress and anxiety, but because it could also help elevate their efficiency.

How to Make the Workspace Look Modern

Various ideas could turn a boring and stale office interior into a stylish yet professional look. But when redesigning, remember that comfort does not only mean aesthetically pleasing room— furniture adds to it as well.

To better understand, here are a few remarkable concepts to integrate into the office:

The Flexible Office Space

The flexible workspace is a new idea where, unlike the traditional workplace setting, the tables, chairs, desks, and other office essentials are portable and resizable. Say, the table can be resized conveniently by detaching and attaching its other modular parts. The furniture, say, the desk or chair, can be moved around easily too because they are on wheels.

Furthermore, employees do not have a designated desk or workstation in this setup. They can freely choose wherever they like to work, of course as long as it is in the office’s vicinity. With it, it can help and enhance collaboration between employees. This concept was also created due to today’s generation demand of paperless workspace where almost everything is made through laptops and computers.

Activity-Based Workplace

This type of set up, though somewhat similar to the concept of flexible office space, is more of a traditional workplace. In this setting, employees may work wherever their current task requires them.

For instance, if a worker is given a task that requires him a place where he can concentrate well and without any distraction, he can work in a private and quiet room. On the other hand, if a group of workers needs to tackle a project and collaborate, they can move to a, say a conference table Houston, where they can all discuss the matter at hand.

Moreover, an activity-based setup includes different areas as well. Here are some:

  • Meeting areas
  • Quiet focus areas
  • Privacy areas
  • Open office areas
  • Café areas
  • Lounge areas

Nature-Based Setup

For a relaxing workspace, a nature-based setup or biophilic design is an excellent idea for corporate offices’ interior. This style is based according to humans’ innate connection with nature, which results in improved health, enhanced productivity and creativity, and high work performance.

In this setup, natural light brought by sunlight through huge windows, different kind of plants, flowing water, sights of nature, and natural or environmentally-friendly materials are the key elements. That said, one of the most exceptional examples of biophilic design is the Central atrium of the Federal South Building 1202, which is in Seattle, Washington.

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