Frugal Budget

How to Have a Nice Weekend on a Frugal Budget

Till the end of summer people have already spent enough money on vacation and their saving accounts are almost empty. But you might want to catch the last summer days and spend your weekends having small vacation. Here are useful tips how to enjoy this time and not break your budget. In some situations you can take out same day loans online but you can also make some preparations to decrease the cost of your vacation to spend less money.

Make a Family Weekend

Most families have no time just to spend together. So this can be a great idea to save money and still have a good time. Delay all work and other obligations and plan how you will spend these days. Think about family hike, riding bicycles, playing games or even making some art project. This will also make your family members closer and they will memorize these days for a long period.

Make a Hike

Unfortunately today we don’t spend much time on fresh air, so this is a great idea for the whole family to make a camping trip. You just need to take food, a tent and necessary sleeping bags. You can make different activities, swim in a lake, climb mountains, or just go through a forest. Such small trip will diversify your weekends and may become a hobby at least for your children. For you this will be a great chance to read a book you have always laid aside or simply spend time with your beloved spouse.

Meeting with Relatives or Friends

You definitely have some friends or relatives who live far away from you, so this is a great idea to visit them. As a trip can take much time, you can drive on Friday night and spend the whole Saturday with them. Ask them to show local interesting places, go to a park or even to amusement park. Your children will be totally delighted with such time spent and seeing their distant relatives.

Make a Hot Pot Party

This is a great opportunity to meet altogether, but not spend too much money. You may invite close friends with children and ask them to bring a meal. In such way you will save time and money on cooking for a big company, but still have a great time. Make sure you prepare entertainments and different competitions to have fun and everybody involved. Also ask your children to decorate the house and make some invitation cards, so they can feel involvement and interest to this party.

Be Volunteers

There are different volunteer projects and you can simply choose the one that attracts you. Learn how to become a volunteer and in such way you will spend a weekend together and also teach your children a lot of important and necessary skills. They will learn how to cook, hand-made, help the others and do a lot of different work. Also this will remind them to appreciate all benefits of their living and being a family.

You can help people from soup kitchens or even local community’s parks, so you will also spend time on fresh air. Moreover this is a great opportunity to make new friends and find a good hobby.